Programs Available

Our programs run from Monday through Friday 8:00am to 4:00pm,  early drop off and late pick up (6:30-5pm) services to meet our working parent's needs developed to nurture and educate infants up to the age of 6 as well as older children in our after school care program. Our specialty programs have been created to inspire and spark individual child's interests.

Foreign Language Class

Our foreign language program provides an introduction to the sounds of other languages. Through songs, stories, and educational activities, children learn vocabulary for colors, shapes, numbers, days, months, and simple phrases. Daily exposure generates useful lifelong knowledge and skills, and encourages a respect for diversity. We teach French and Chinese

Crumb Stash/Science Lab "a tasty delight"

Think of it as a kind of laboratory science! The class involves weighing, measuring, carefully following directions and observing materials change from one state to another. It also encourages eye-hand coordination, sensory integration, patience and self-reliance. Your child will also learn basic nutrition, kitchen safety, table setting, manners, basic math and some geography. They will not only prepare foods, but also discover new tastes with our Chef and the exciting world of food!

Our Curriculum

At Brookhills Montessori School, our curriculum is based on the idea that each child is a unique individual. Our focus is on meeting each child’s developmental, social, emotional, intellectual, and educational needs. We provide developmentally appropriate programs that focus on the process of learning and help children enjoy successful experiences. Classrooms are arranged to offer challenging play and learning choices at a wide range of developmental levels. Learning centers allow children the opportunity to explore, problem-solve, investigate, work together as a team, and meet with success. Children are exposed to whole group work, small groups, and individual instruction each day. Our thematic-based curriculum focuses on reading, writing, language, math, science, social studies, art, music, and physical fitness activities. Directresses and assistants spend time listening to and talking with children, helping children reflect on their daily learning. The positive interactions between teachers and students encourage the development of emotional, linguistic, and social skills, leading to a strong sense of self and self-esteem. With a range of child-centered activities and a warm, safe, and nurturing environment, children have every opportunity to have fun while learning. We celebrate the cultural diversity of Brookhills Montessori School children and families, and we encourage multicultural learning through respect, understanding, and appreciation.

Infant/Toddler/Preschool Program; Brookhills Montessori School understands that the first six years of life is an essential time for a child’s development. We provide every child with a safe, secure environment and a lot of warm adult interaction. This encourages infants to develop, physically, cognitively, socially, and emotionally

Practical Life: This area has activities designed to help children learn social skills. They learn how to care for themselves, the environment and others. For example children learn how to pour and scoop, use kitchen utensils, food preparation, dish washing, sweeping activities, wash their hands, and other self care practices. While participating in these activities the children are learning movement, concentration, muscular control, independence, and hand to eye coordination. - adultsex porn ru telugu adult xxx
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