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Brookhills Montessori School is a unique place. The very best way for you to experience our school is to visit us. Walk our center, observe in a Montessori classroom, and see our students and teachers in action. Our Montessori/IPC qualified teachers guide our students’ work with creativity and dedication. They nurture, challenge and support each student on their journey to self-discovery. What you’ll walk away with is a profound sense that innovative, joyful learning is a reality here. We live the essential Montessori philosophy that nurtures internal motivation, supports academic excellence, and builds social and emotional growth in each child. At Brookhills Montessori, children “learn how to learn” through inquiry, research, and  mastery by exploring, absorbing and excelling.

Please come visit us to see for yourself. We look forward to meeting you.

Our News
21 Feb 2014

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18 Jan 2015


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